A golf player at sunset

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I announced in my office that I am no longer going to be an office manager, no longer going to be making coffees and buying toilet paper… but rather after two months I am going to be chasing my dream and going to be joining a very exciting company to become a full-time photographer.

My office pals were very cute and sent me lots of heartwarming messages… some more genuine, some a bit less, but nevertheless – exciting times are coming.

The weather in Dubai was weird today. It was raining, and it was sunny at the same time. It was humid, windy and fresh all somehow the same. The day ended up in an amazing arrangement of beautiful clouds in the skies.

Thank you Mr. Unknown Golf Player, who roamed into my frame and made the whole scene quite more awesome.

Hope you are up to something good today. Wishing you lots of inspiration!


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