Start Your Day Right.

It’s so important to wake up and program yourself to a good day, otherwise negative thoughts will bring you less than a great day – I am pretty much sure about it.

I try to start my day with the music I like and think of something that I am looking forward. Dancing while dressing up helps a lot too. Today I had a chance to get a kick of motivation from one of the most talented photographers I know who sent me a couple of great words on Facebook. Thank you, great soul.

Depending on how crazy for food you are a good breakfast can be that thing for you as well. I usually just eat some granola mixed with 0 fat yoghurt, but this breakfast on the photo up there doesn’t look too bad, does it? It was a photo I took for my company’s Instagram page and there is no fake food in this photo! I am really proud of how it turned out provided that I had 30 seconds to photograph this scene before the berries sank into the smoothie.

Hope you all had a great start for your day and something inspirational to look forward to!

Have a great one,


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