A Day of All Weathers – On the Road To Ras Al Khaimah

Reflections of rain, recollections of haze,
Endless desert that never will seize to amaze,
Now it’s sun,
Now it’s storm,
Now it’s rain,
Now it’s warm,
Now it’s a camel that got wrecked by the careless

On the side of the road,

Rest in peace, jamal, God

Will take care of you, 

Now and Forever.

Passing by

I will nod

say goodbye, thanks a lot…

But that’s life and that’s one and the only we’ve got.

Take my palms for a ride,

Nissan “Batrol” on it’s side,

Roundabout occupied

By the people with whom you don’t wish to collide –

No use hurting their pride,

Which they have in their pockets aplenty

Though they barely reached the age twenty.

Now your car’s full of sand

Proper fit for this land,

Please enjoy short-lived status of freedom.

And forget all your plans, 

Take this rare-case of chance

And embrace nature-made cloudseeing.

Much love,


No excuses.

Clouds are running wrapping
Around Burj Khalifa today,
Minutes away from the rain,
Making reflections again
With the million of lights,
Seize the night,
And let’s go for a ride,
Wait for the green light
Getting close to perfection,
Catch the right intersection
And let go of your fears,
Change that gear,
Now it’s you and the road –
Happiness mode,
Heart about to explode,
So be bold.
Only memories matter
The day we grow old.
So it’s now or it’s never,
And it better be now.
Cause today’s gone forever.
Simple and clever.
That’s how it is,
It’s a hit or a miss.
Just please,
Don’t be making excuses,
Cause when you do,
Everyone loses.

Crossing the Bridge to Tolerance.

2019 is a year of Tolerance in the UAE.

It is a wonderful initiative started by our government in order to bring us closer together, in the end we are more than 200 nationalities living in this country.

Today I happened to pass by the Tolerance bridge, a beautiful construction that holds Dubai together because a few years back a new canal appeared within the city… so I sat under the bridge waiting for the sunset, and wrote a few lines thinking about tolerance, UAE, and all of us.

Tolerance bridge, what are you tolerating?
Fisherman sneakily stands by your side, 
Cranes move around new construction creating,
Labourer sleeps in the shade you provide.

Me, I’m just waiting for sunset to happen,
So that I have a new picture to post.
Why does canal feel like a gap in the planning? 
Dubai, are you winning with it or at loss? 

Tolerance bridge, please be kind and don’t judge us
For racism, profiling, for snobbing and lust. 
Hug all the residents that live in Dubai,
And make us all equal – be fair and be just.

Much love,


380 words in verses on Emirates.

Hey people,
In 2016 I took a part in Emirates Airlines Literature competition for which I had to write a poem in 380 words about Emirates and the notion of “time”… The prize was 4 economy tickets anywhere in the world, and I was shortlisted to go to the Award Ceremony, just I was in Iceland, so I couldn’t make it. So I never won, or lost in fact, because I couldn’t come to the event. But I thought, why not share it here. At least it can live in its own space over here.

Silent night, no wind, no whisper,
Stop and look up in the sky.
Notice stars are getting crisper,
That’s not often in Dubai.

Take a picture, freeze the moment,
Show the world what you have seen.
While the rest of us are dormant,
Pull the break in time-machine.

Time in here has different meaning,
Here it stops and lets you pause.
No phone calls from your dry-cleaning,
Desert likes you with these clothes.

Supervastness – arms of desert
Pick you up and make you fly.
You are now as light as a feather,
Gliding smoothly in the sky.

Constellations shine with wisdom
Since the times of Ancient Greeks.
Guiding auto-pilot systems
With a bunch of cool techniques.

Emirates brings you the future,
Cheating time with airbus wings.
Building bridge to foreign cultures
Always treating you like kings.

Bigger cities, crazy traffic,
Will you ever find your peace?
When will life stop being epic?
Can you ever have release?

Think about Einstein explaining
That the reason why time runs
Is so that all things on planet
Won’t be happening at once.

Wait a second, friend, and ponder,
Never-ending sky of stars…
Isn’t this the biggest wonder
To have planet all to us?

Grains of sand forever captured
In the shape of hourglass
Will keep track of time elapsing
And your life with sand does pass.

Try to be appreciative
Of the moment you live in.
Look around, be creative –
World’s your canvas to begin.

Paint with light, but do it softly
Share the love and take the chance.
You will notice difference shortly,
Don’t be shy –  get up and dance.

Truth is that the only treasure
Is your memories to keep,
Food is not a lasting pleasure,
TV shows will make you sleep.

Life is short, won’t last forever,
Go explore, don’t be afraid.
Keep in mind – it’s now or never,
Get your ticket and upgrade.

Destinations, expectations,
Stations, nations, visas, lands,
Here, my friend, congratulations.
You begin to understand.

Be the frequent flyer going
From Mauritius to Taiwan.
Travel all around the planet
And come back to land of sand.

Endless dunes will hug you softly,
Singing tender lullaby.
Wind of night that’s almost salty
Brings you to promptly to Dubai.